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Why Shop At Unique Identity?

Shopping at U.I. is safe and easy. Click a link below or scroll down this page to learn why thousands of shoppers are choosing U.I. as their favorite place to buy t-shirts, for friends and family.

Risk-Free Shopping

Shopping at U.I. is risk-free. U.I. guarantees your satisfaction by offering the following benefits on every purchase:

  • Free Returns & Exchanges

  • High Quality T-Shirts

  • Products that are printed in the USA

Quality Printing and Content

All U.I. t-shirts are Digitally printed with Artistri ink, which gives the shirts a soft, worn in feel. Many of our competitors use print-on-demand to produce their shirts, which gives them lower production costs and gives you an inferior product that may fade or peel after washing. The U.I. Editorial Team and U.I. artist derive our street-smart slogans, and designs in-house.

Excellent Service

Unique Identity site is encrypted with 128-bit security so your personal information is safe. While our products may be funny, we take Customer Service very seriously and treat it as our number one priority. If there is anything we can do to make your experience better, please contact Unique Identity Customer Service by phone or email.

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